Dr. Jackie A. Strange

strangeTitle: Deputy Postmaster General (Ret.)

Company: United States Postal Service

Location: Pittsboro, NC

Dr. Strange previously served as Deputy Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service. In her former capacity, Dr. Strange served as alternate Postmaster General between 1985 and 1987, as well as on the Board of Governors. Dr. Strange prides herself on her many accomplishments, including her having been the only woman ever to have held this position; among her countless achievements Dr. Strange has garnered a reputation of prominence for having managed the world’s largest non-military workforce of 800,000 employees and a $32 billion budget. She made her way into the Postal Service as a student at Georgia Southern University and in no time made her ascension, paving the way for women in postal management in the United States as well as Australia.

Dr. Strange holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, and she has completed coursework in management studies at the University of Virginia, Columbia University and Georgia Southern University. She also earned an Honorary Doctorate from the latter. Having accrued 42 years of professional experience, Dr. Strange became proficient in interpersonal relations and management. She spent the last five years of her career with the U.S. Postal Service as a deputy postmaster general, and utilized these talents most effectively. She spent a good deal of time focused on building team spirit. After retiring from the Postal Service, Dr. Strange served as CEO and President of Bob Dole’s Foundation for People with Disabilities.

Over the years, Dr. Strange has been bestowed various accolades for her service. Even as early in her career as 1987, she was honored with a Benjamin Franklin Award. She has since been given a Postmaster General Award for Excellence, and a Women of Achievement Award from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of North Carolina. Yet, perhaps the greatest honor of all, the day she retired was declared “Jackie A. Strange Day.” When asked by EliteAMERICAN Professionals about the most rewarding part of her career, Dr. Strange said it is “being able to help women move up in the organization.” She feels that trusting in leadership and her integrity have been major factors in her success.

strange cert

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