Raymond J. Mahan Jr.

MahanTitle: Sergeant, Investigator

Company: Jersey City Police Department

Location: Bayonne, NJ

A specialist in investigative findings, Mr. Mahan shines as a luminary in his field, expertly conducting investigations for the Jersey City Police Department’s internal affairs division. He is also in charge of managing civil litigation against members of the police department, investigating all citizens’ complaints of misconduct, directing internal investigations of violations to rules and regulations, and teaching various law enforcement courses related to classes at the police academy.

Mr. Mahan has garnered a reputation of distinction for his outstanding achievements in the law enforcement arena. In 1990, he received two Combat Crosses from the Jersey City Police Department, and he has also received 30 Commendations for Excellent Service from the unit. Additionally, Mr. Mahan has received an Outstanding Accomplishments and Police Protection Award from the NAACP, and an Outstanding Police Work Award from the Fraternal Order of Police. He became involved in his profession because he wanted to be a law enforcement officer since he was a child. After high school, he received a microprocessing certification and an electronic technology certificate. Upon graduation from The Computer Processing Institute, he was selected in the testing and recruitment process of the Jersey City Police Department and entered the police academy.

Mahan cert

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