Leland L. “Ted” Cogdell, Jr.

Leland Cogdell 1811166Title: Marketing Specialist

Company: U.S. General Services Administration

Location: Laurel, MD

Inspired by his maternal grandmother, who was a government employee and suggested that he go into public service, Ted Cogdell pursued a career in the field. He entered public service 31 years ago in the U.S. Army, and in 2001, he requested a developmental detail assignment with FirstGov.gov (now USA.gov) when it was launched. He was assigned to market and outreach the new portal across the Nation, attending conferences, exhibits, expos, and seminars to spread the word about the federal government’s new free Internet portal. He then competed for a permanent position, and began work on July 29, 2001. Mr. Cogdell is recognized for his expertise in marketing and communications and is responsible for conducting marketing and outreach activities on a host of vital agency programs and priorities. His extensive federal career has had both a military and civilian component. The capstone of his military career was that he helped our Nation win The Cold War with service in Germany at the famous Fulda Gap, where he was a squad leader and assistant platoon sergeant. He also served in the Army Guard and Reserve, earning a total of 11 medals for merit, achievement, and conduct. He’s still searching for the capstone of his civilian career. His unique experiences and record show that he is able to overcome obstacles. His path to where he is today is full of scores of decision points that he embraced with pride and never looked back. Mr. Cogdell attributes his success to being raised in a high-expectations environment at the Milton Hershey School, challenging military experience, college education, and working hard and smart while building a reputation for overcoming obstacles and exceeding expectations. Mr. Cogdell is dedicated to assisting others with disabilities and is a Founding Member of Federal Employees with Disabilities (FEDs). Looking toward the future, Mr. Cogdell would like to be a leader and coach on both the GSA Veterans’ Councils and the GSA Disability Council, using his unique brand of narrative leadership and the ability to overcome challenges.

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Ted Cogdell

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