Dr. John F. Sullivan

Title: Board Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Restoration Ministries

Location: Harvey, IL

Harvey, IL, January 16, 2015, Dr. John F. Sullivan, Board Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Restoration Ministries, has been recognized by Elite American Public Servants for dedication, achievements and leadership in ministerial leadership.

Dr. Sullivan is a servant at heart who has a deep desire to help others. He began working with recovering addicts 30 years ago, and was inspired to continue down this path by a recovering addict. He and his wife, Barbara, founded Restoration Ministries, which is a live-in facility for men and women. The ministry also offers multiple children’s programs, including a boxing club and arts programs. The ministry’s mantra is restoring people, rebuilding communities. It develops and implements various programs that assist people in need, including providing others with basic needs and working closely with at-risk youth.

Dr. Sullivan takes great pride in his work and in knowing he is making a difference in individuals’ lives. He often works with people who are at the lowest points of their life, gives them hope and assists them in restoring their lives. He takes a hand-on leadership approach to ensure the ministry runs smoothly. Dr. Sullivan also manages all aspects of operations and raises funds. He attributes his success to his faith, as well as his competent board of directors.

Contact Dr. John F. Sullivan 

Dr. John Sullivan


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