Helen Ward Carry, Ed.D.

Helen Carry 486700Title: Former Executive Minister (Retired)

Company: Christ Universal Temple

Location: Chicago, IL

After receiving a moving message of practical Christianity from Dr. Johnnie Colemon at Christ Unity Temple in 1970, Helen Ward Carry, Ed.D. made the commitment to become a student of “the truth” and a member of Christ Unity Temple. Dr. Carry has been preaching Christianity and teaching for nearly 40 years. She spends her days teaching ministerial principals, mobilizing volunteers and establishing religious education programs in churches as a consultant, lecturing, and conducting workshops. Dr. Carry is someone who is always found working wherever she is. She is one of those rare individuals who thrives whenever she is busy. Each day is an opportunity to apply the principles she teaches, for she sincerely believes that a teacher’s greatest lesson is her life. She attributes her success to her love of children and her intense desire to help them reach their potential, which made her a sought-after teacher in the parochial and public school systems. Looking toward the future, Dr. Carry aspires to work on the board of directors and intends to mentor others.

Contact Helen Ward Carry, Ed.D. 

Helen Ward Carry, Ed.D.

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