Frank J. Kiernan, III

KiernanTitle: Director of Emergency Communications

Company: City Of Meriden

Location: Meriden, Connecticut

Meriden, Connecticut, August 27, 2015, Frank J. Kiernan, III, Director of Emergency Communications for the City Of Meriden, has been recognized by Elite American Public Servants, for dedication, achievement and leadership in public safety communications.

Mr. Kiernan has 30 years of professional experience, with nine years as a director of emergency communications for the City Of Meriden. Throughout his career, he has set himself apart through his skills in public safety communications. Each day, he is responsible for managing 911 public safety, as well as supervising dispatch, training employees and handling all calls for police, fire and emergency medical services. Looking back, Mr. Kiernan attributes his success to his experience in the public safety field. He became involved in his profession after working as a civilian dispatcher; he progressed to a police officer.

Mr. Kiernan is certified by the Police Officer Standards Training Council, and he is a post-certified instructor in the following areas: public safety telecommunicator; communications training officer; active shooter; emergency medical dispatch; communications center supervisor; and fire dispatch communications. He maintains affiliation with the Executive Council Atlantic Chapter of APCO International, Inc., and he is a former president of the Connecticut Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association. In years to come, Mr. Kiernan intends to upgrade the City of Meriden’s dispatch center.

Contact Frank J. Kiernan, III

Frank Kiernan 1301778

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