Janis L. Smith

Smith, Janis 603708Company: County of La Plata, Colorado

Title: Coroner

Location: Ignacio, Colorado

Ignacio, CO, October 21, 2015, Janis Smith, Coroner for the County of La Plata, Colorado, has been recognized by Elite American Public Servants, for dedication, achievement and leadership in forensics.

For an impressive three decades, Ms. Smith has served as a coroner with the county of La Plata, Colorado. During the course of her daily routine, she oversees criminal and suspicious activities, suicides, and unintended deaths from a medical perspective. Additionally, she assists in autopsies, and investigates and responds to calls. The most gratifying aspect of her career is helping those who have experienced a loss by giving them much-needed answers about their loves ones’ deaths.

A certified death investigator and certified medicolegal death investigator, Ms. Smith excels in her industry due to her prior industry experiences and her educational background, which includes a certification in law enforcement, and coursework through Fort Lewis College. In order to maintain a connection to her field outside of her job, she affiliates herself with the Colorado Coroners Association. Looking toward the future, Ms. Smith intends to experience continued professional growth.

Contact Janis L. Smith

Smith, Janis 603708

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